iStudyXR is InventXR’s Moonshot in Education

This site is for investors only. All material here is private and confidential and not to be shared with entities that have not been invited. In the event an investor desires to gather the interest of other persons or entities, inventXR must be informed and approve. InventXR is raising 2 million dollars by selling as much as 20 percent interest.

iStudyXR: iStudyXR is a shared learning and incentive-based Learning Management System (LMS). The platform allows for extended 24 hour collaboration amongst students and allows for a more blended learning approach through a digital platform that our new virus-exposed world desperately needs today. One where both the students and teachers will feel empowered to achieve. A good read to grasp more is a book titled Moonshot in Education. A Moonshot is a planned, calculated, detailed journey. iStudyXR is more than an LMS. It is a feature rich digital platform to accomplish an education moonshot. As Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear would say “To infinity and beyond” we think of iStudyXR as “Through STEM and beyond.”

Status: Currently InventXR is an LLC. It has 3 owners. Lucas Evans (CTO/ founder), Freedom Chetini (Education Expert/founder), Bob Evans (mentor/CEO/founder). Bob has invested $250K. It’s been over 2 years in the making. Together, we have successfully achieved deployment in Zimbabwe as our first sucessful beta. This was followed by a complete re-write of the code produced by the Stanford Designership lab where Lucas became CTO and a fellow. Original code was fat, heavy, cpu intensive and buggy. iStudyXR code is now robust and cloud-deployed.

A fourth person, William O’Donnell a finance major who has successfully operated his own stock portfolio while in high school has joined us and will manage accounting needs as our CFO.

Raise: Lucas and Freedom will be diluting to raise the 1st round of outside investor capital. They will relinquish equal amounts of interest, up to 10% each to raise up to 2 million dollars for sales, support, and cover datacenter initial cloud deployment costs.

The LLC can be converted to another form of corporation if required by investors. Investors savvy in this will be expected to assist with that.

  1. This is video presents the features that make iStudyXR such a powerful Learning Management System, (LMS) that addresses our new world’s education need. It can be used in both academic and corporate education environments.
  2. Next is a video of the original iStudy walk-through that shows you the basics implemented in the Zimbabwe beta. While the screen and menus are identical to today’s iStudyXR, iStudyXR is the re-write new version which with more features and enhancements.
  3. The inventXR story.
  4. A breakdown of what the money is for.
  5. Qualified Investor form.
  6. InventXR website.

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