InventXR’s emerging education markets and rural education solution.

Schools in Africa largely depend on used textbooks from the west and government printed books the size of comic books (see photo below). Most are 5 years or older and recycled locally for years.

This letter from the U.N. to the minister of educations in Zimbabwe shows that it would prefer to pay directly to providers of modern education systems. The U.N. recognizes that money is not spent properly. The United Nations has been clear on the fact that schools in Africa will fall behind if they expect to continue using printed textbooks from the west. As more western schools move to more modern education solutions, fewer printed books will be produced.

Used school books on the sidewalks of Zimbabwe. This motivated Lucas and Bob to install the Zimbabwe Education Network despite government greed obstacles that of some of the ministries.

iStudyXR is designed to run on a $300 server that can be placed in villages. InventXR even designed the cooling method for hot village environments.

Below is the slideshow presentation of the 3rd world solution that leverages iStudyXR. We have all the expertise and have accomplished much of this already in Zimbabwe.