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Created by the InventXR Education Foundation, the VR School is a full time, tuition free nonprofit private school that leverages technology in preparing future ready students. The VRSchool@InventXR is a response to the global shift away from structured school programs to more immersive learning and engagement models that focus on the way students, teachers, administrators and parents engage in the educational process.  VRschool@InventXR aspires to meet the demand for future ready competencies or certifications leading to future career opportunities. Furthermore, experts predict that more than 50% of students will attend multiple institutions to achieve their education objectives. The VR School@InventXR  provides students with the agility, flexibility and skill to achieve exponential learning. Although competition for immersive learning models is on the increase, the ultimate objective of school has not changed—the long-term success of students. The VRSchool@InventXR  leverages innovative technologies such as AI, XR and Blockchain to make education accessible, affordable and possible for all. InventXR Education Foundation currently leads a steering committee of the United Nations and students at the VR School enjoy a Global perspective and neurodiversit.

Exponential Learning

We drive innovation for many of the world’s largest and well-known education programs and models…

The XR Edge

History in serving the world’s leading VR School has given us an edge…

Emerging Verticals

Emerging Verticals

Our work in industries, ranging from Education, Industry, Software and hardware infrastructure is well documented…ell documented

VR School Apprenticeships

Our work with leading  companies through student directed apprenticeships has given us unique insights into…

VR School’s Mission is to Become The Best Education Enterprise in The World.

VR Design Lab

Moonshots in Education

  • Student Engagement and VR School Apprenticeships.

    From increasing student engagement in the future of work and acquisition rates through VR School apprenticeships, we focus on the total student experience to ensure that our students gain experience and their apprenticeships give our partners a competitive advantage.

  • Digital Transformation Services.

    Whether you have an existing digital process or want to build one, We can design, develop, and deliver what you need to improve the stakeholder experience in any area of business.

  • Business and Technology Process Transformation.

    Whether it’s achieving improved learning and training outcomes, working capital management or reducing cycle times, we can make your company’s business processes work better and help you save costs.

The best way to get to know the InventXR organization is to explore the work we do for our students, superintendents, schools and corporate apprenticeship partners and the ideas that inspire our team.

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.